Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Wet Odyssey

Wet Odyssey
As Jal Doot
Ferries loads of nectar
To the parched people
Mellow down
Dhak blooms
To dull yellow.
Spring takes adieu
Summer sears
Yet again
As the Sol glows.  

She saves her tan
With a parasol yellow
Above her tresses.

An engine
Billows smoke
Taking hope
And despair
Sorrow and joy
On board.

At this juncture
Of time
A painter,
Cogitate quietly
In his cosy corner.  
Rhymes and chimes
With brush and colours.
What eyes see
Psyche perceives
Letting loose
Whatever in mind
With an apt support
From brush and strokes
Smudges and slopes
Lo behold
Another plein air

Peacock flying about
Landing and Pecking
With a holo of feathers
Invoking clouds
And calling mates.

Ah, the azure sky
Brews a bout of downpour
That everyone
Longs and prays for
In searing summer.

Whistle blows
Flashes light
Flags furl
Engine lurches ahead
Hopes to success
Tears to joy
Sorrow to happiness.

Ah, wait
Mind chases
The train
With canvas, easel
And hues
For yet another
Wet odyssey
For eyes and heart
To feast on.

Image curtsy. Bijay Biswal, Nagpur 

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