Saturday, 15 August 2015

Oh mind do fly

Why are you tied
To a pole
You're known to travel
Despite having no goal.

Have your fins rusted
Have your urge ebbed
Or you fear of punishment
Or a red corner alert is on
In your name?

Mind do fly
You're known for that
must not you fear
About teeth of law
Or any punishment
I the body will bear
Whatever you do
In knowledge or absent
You fly
Any spare me from
Unnecessary giddiness.

Unless you fly
I can't dream
And you know
Without dreams
A life is but
A dying plant
In searing summer. 

Do fly
And take me
To new lands
Mountain and hill
Take me to that bend
Where they falter often
I want to rue
Once again
For the road not taken.
Do fly oh mind
Pluck dreams for me
And colour my garden.

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