Friday, 19 December 2014

In search of Humanity

I searched for Humanity,
Heard it was rapped brutally
In broad daylight
In the outskirt of a city.

I searched for Humanity still
Saw it was gunned down mercilessly
Beside a busy street
In broad daylight.

I searched for Humanity yet
Saw, being marauded
By so called human beings
In a street known for tight security.

Mumbai burns, Cries Kabul
Peshwar howl, Dantewada sobs
While Kashmir simmers.

The next day, media search
The same—Humanity
Amidst candles protestors.
So are world leaders
With measured words.

Social media flood, through hashtags
Becoming topic trending.

It remains a search for ever
Till in a street a Malala cries
And an innocent Nirbhaya dies
Somewhere else
Or some security personals die
Caught unaware
At wee hours of night.

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