Thursday, 13 June 2013

The devotional way

A betel shop owner settled in front of a intersection, feared his eviction. He thought about his family and self interest. Entire night he could not sleep while for whom he had been thinking, slept peacefully inside the house. He thought and thought. Looking upward, he requisitioned the presence of the Lord.

Presto came the reply as Sai baba seemed to blessed him from inside the gibbous moon.

The next day, he closed the shop and harried around the town gathering requisite paraphernalia and man power. At night, when only celestial bodies were awake, some people came holding pick-axe, spade and other masonry tools.

Lo, a temple came up as people began to curtsy while crossing the road intersection. Soon, every Thursday, devotional songs echoed around and prasad were distributed. People were happy sporting a tilak of divine ashes.

And when the authority came calling on was deep devotion they met. Still they wanted to run a bulldozer on the raise structure. But some were smart enough to knock the door of a court, that issued a Stay order out of blue.

And that was a blow as the structure is still there though it congests the road and block traffic. The shop is still there as he grins seeing extra income in the form of offerings from the devotees.

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