Monday, 29 October 2012

The Moon Musing

On this full moon night
When they wear
New dresses
Sporting smiles,
And worship the moon
In his form full,
Thinking about
Future life partner
As beautiful as full moon.

The moon smiles
And blesses them
A stretch of romance
As beautiful as
His phases
A speck rising for a while
And merging into murk,
The beautiful crescent
And the flirting gibbous,
New moon absent
Waning and waxing.

On this romantic day,
As I sit on my window
Relishing the cool
And sparking sun rays
And think about
The night,
The moon, dotted by stars
Amidst grey cotton shreds.

I pledge to renew the romance
Eclipsed by autumn.
Let’s stroll a while
Hand in hand
Bathed in moon shine.

Let's raise a round of wine
Of romance bygone
And on a romantic dais
Let’s dance
Forgetting mine and thine.
Love you darling.

(Kuanr Purnima, is a day for damsels in new apparels, and they worship the full moon and dream for handsome life partners.)

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