Friday, 28 September 2012

Towards the ultimate goal

River gurgles
Surges ahead
With sparkling silver
Towards the sea:
The ultimate destination.

Mountain becomes jealous
Stands in front
Like a giant obstacle.

The river smiles
Takes a detour,
Surrounds the mountain
Forming a lake around.
And goes ahead.

The mountain feel s ashamed
As the river salutes
With smile.
And says,
‘But for you
A blue lake forms
For the mankind
to feel soothed.’

Sorry river, says the mountain
‘I’m ashamed,
Here I cast my ego
Express my gratitude
To your magnanimity.’

‘No, no, you’re great,
As obstacle you stand
With an orb of hope
Where I finds a way ahead.
My aim is sea.
The lake is for you
Without you
It’s nothing,’
Says the river
And serpentines ahead.
With vigour
And focus.

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