Thursday, 16 August 2012

Queen of Love

From the blue water
An emerald mermaid emerges,
Flies to her a butterfly,
And flutters on her bun.
She stretches her hand
Perched the butterfly there.
‘Go my dear, tell my love,
About my arrival.’

A robin tweets on the fence
Of the lover and says,
‘Mermaid has arrived,
Why’re you so worried?’
The delicious chirp
In his ears chimes,
And he darts sea wards
Following the bird’s rhyme.

In the garden of love,
Waits the mermaid
With her flounce and flowing.
Sleeping on a bed of flowers.
Their eyes meet,
Meet their hearts,
Lips and breath.
As fairies throw on them
colourfulflower petals
and fragrance from many vials.

Finger on finger slots,
They play as the lover
Reads a billet doux.
‘You give me ink,
Dots and your heart pink.
Queen of love you’re
My heart, here I lay bare,
Rein here and rain love,
Let’s stroll on the shore
For an hour.’

As they walk on the silvery sand,
Sparkling flecks follow them
And merge with the sea.
There and then.
The butterfly comes with smile
Sings the bird a lovely rhyme.

Picking her hand,
He kisses on her hart shape palm.
‘You’re the queen of love,
Love you, each second,
Each minute, and for ever.’

Thus each evening,
They begin to meet,
To spread the message of cupid,
Live with love,
Smile, hug and kiss.

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