Monday, 9 July 2012

Bol Bam

In the azure sky,
Rain drops hang,
Coalesce, and geld,
With barren drops
To make a bond of Hopes.

He, the Lord of Lords,
Three eyed, crescent on crest matted,
Enters the earth, Ganges, the sacred.
From the flowing hair.
Readies himself to have an Abhishek
In devotion laced water.

Bol Bam, as they rant
The sky gets ready,
Next instant.  
To pour down on them
And evaporate the toil
Reaching His abode.  
In devotion pots of water
They pour.

Bol Bam...Bol Bam,
They walk on...barefooted.
On spikes, spaniels, and grass,
Yonder His smile greets
On the divine pedestal.

He smiles while the snake
Coils around his blue neck.
Releases a swirl of smoke.
Calls Parvati, to enjoy
Spectacle celestial.  

While devotees in group,
Walk on rocky terrain,
To have a darshan
Of Ice Lingam
In the cave of Amarnath.
In the celestial abode of Kailash
They smile.

It’s He everywhere
As rain spreads its sway,
On the sacred Monday.

He releases blessing,
To all and sundry.
While the Sraban
sky becomes ferocious
To pour blessing
In form of water.

Bol Bam, Bol Bam
It’s everywhere
Bol Bam, bhole bam.   

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