Tuesday, 1 May 2012

From Separation to Reunion, musically: Autumn Raga

Marriage is a relationship that requires utmost care, devotion, sincerity and dedication in the part of both the husband and wife. And if ego enters and begins to rule any half of the relationship then the sweetness of marriage stands exposed. One can’t eat the cake and has it on the dish.

Autumn Raga: Jaskiran Chopra is such a story of myriad characters like Tanu-Sumit, Prashant-Sunaina and Deena-Ramesh including two fringe but vital characters like Manas and Ranvir.

Each pursues his or her mind and friction happens. Prashant pursues his callings and his traits had no similarity with his wife Sunaina. To make the matter worse, Sunaina had her love, love for her past, be it Dehradun, Ranvir, her passion for music, her parents. Both were married in name as one lived in Delhi and the other lived in Dehradun. Now that was not marriage in anyway but they lived is a matter of surprise. It was certainly not living but dragging or temerity to take bold decision or sheer obliviousness in their passions or a carry forward of Indian culture of sticking to the marriage despite every odds.

The Autumn Raga is a novel written in journalistic flare and in story telling mode. Everywhere the flavour of journalism is discernable and this is one of the beautiful aspects of the novel. The story is weaved around diverse ragas of Indian classical music, thus the work is a bit classical indeed. It is more or less weaved around Dehradun as the repetitive reference of Doon and its changes post Uttarakhand and the city being declared as the Capital city of the newly carved state.

The emotions like passion, friendship, memory of the past are well described by the writer. The good point is that even the Autumn raga gains a beauty and melody of its own as all the couples solves their personal problems and lived a happy life. The separation to union is pretty well described as everyone bears a smile, full of life afterward.

Overall a good work as it ends with a happy note.

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