Sunday, 1 April 2012

Suit: A woman on Wall Street...A story of Survival

Life is full of stresses and tensions and those people who have survived the tough time are certainly successful. In other words, it can be said success in life is living with those things. 

Suit: A woman on Wall Street is such a successful story of the writer Nina Godiwalla, which is a non-fiction/memoir by genre.
How the writer being an Indian in the US survived in the stressful and unfavourable environment of banking culture is the central theme of the book. 

In the course of her journey, the writer has succinctly put the banking culture, the culture of her family, the adaptation of foreign culture to indigenous culture, her relation with her father and other relations.

The writing style is just perfect and the research about American foods is marvellous. Oh drooling.! It also dwells on the survival of people migrating to the US. The writer has done full justice to the theme. 

A story of travail, travel and survival, the writing style is impeccable. Craft wise, I’d say a perfect one. It’s a central conflict and the writer has resolved it in a proper way, leaving no character circle open. Written in first person, the narrative style is really praiseworthy. 

The editing I must praise and I wish this much professionalism in every book. 

Over all a must read.
Rating: 4/5


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