Thursday, 19 April 2012

An Indian thriller: The Cavansite Conspiracy

Cavansite, a luminous blue mineral having so many uses, despite tight security, gets lifted from a Museum in Pune. 

Koyal Karnik arrives from Germany to attend the marriage ceremony of her gemstone collector friend Jasraj. There in the marriage, Koyal meets Neel her ex-boyfriend. The three shared pleasantries and Jasraj show his gemstone collection.  Jasraj sees a Cavansite pendant around the neck of Koyal and asks her to give for that for some time. 

Koyal finds Jasraj dead and calls Neel. Everyone gets unhappy with the death of Jasraj. But he has Koyal’s pendant in his hand that turns the attention towards Koyal. 

Koyal flees and Neel helps her fleeing. And they flee to Germany, Hamburger where Koyal’s boy friend Karl waits with another sinister design. 

From Hamburger, it moves to London, when some other mysteries unfold as jigsaw pieces began to whirl around to a hub. 

This is fast paced, thrilling and full of suspense as everything gets entangle as it progresses.Aw this is really interesting.

Written in simple style, this appeals, attracts and drags a reader towards the story as Koyal and Neel face mysteries galore. 

Kudos to the writer.
4/5 stars

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