Friday, 20 April 2012

First rain of summer

If you roam in a dreary desert,
In the expanse of sand, stagger
Feel thirsty and long
For a patch of oasis,
Cool air and vegetation.

Think about me
Right there, I’ll be,
With a shower of wet kisses,
Embrace and dampness
To allay the rage of the sun,
Salve the scratches of cactus thorns,
To quench your thirst anon.

With hand in hand,
Walking on the sand,
We’ll return ridding
The camel of our love.
Humming a tune
Of our love band.

There right after the end
Of desert. A bout of rain,
Will wait to fall on us.
Summer will wait in hand
Holding a beautiful garland
Of white jasmine buds
And a glass of cool air,
For our refreshment.

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