Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Vivek and I: A reader's persepective

Vivek and I: A reader’s perspective

We’ve had a lot of discussion on Gay love and many more discussions are slated before it becomes something socially accepted relationship. But it existed, it exists and will exist: a fact beyond doubt. 
We can make rules, change according to time but society has its own speed and own background rules to accept any changes. Some changes pick up soon while some do not take off or become tardy. 

‘Vivek and I’....is a novel by Mayur Patel and the author has successfully depicted the craving in the heart of man for man. He’s shown the facets beautifully with simple words and anecdotes. 

The format of presentation is also marvellous that resembles with “Have a fine weekend” by Ian Ellis. Present...Past...Present. It’s a swing between the time that has gone and that is on. And I must say, the writer has done a brilliant job. 

Only one character Kaushik...being the narrator has steered the concept in a marvellous way. We come to know about Krishna and Vivek, the lovers of Kaushik, how he loved them, craved them and how he lost them. 

The writer has also created the character Vidya, and showed the real man-woman relationship. 

The writer is clever enough not to show acceptance to Gay relationship but finally crushed the craving in a beautiful way as Kaushik relieves himself from the craving of Krishna and Vivek. He in a way, has left the issue of acceptance to the time.

The writer also shows husband-wife relationship, strained relation of father with son, motherly love while propelling the concept. And these make novel more interesting.

If this is any indication, then many more such novels, we’ll find to read. Kudos to Mayur Patel.

Speaking from the craft point of view, it’s a telling novel. The pace is slow but still enjoying. The characters are lively and can be related easily.

I’d like to recommend the novel.

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