Saturday, 3 March 2012

Stop not You

Yonder seen a green hill,
As hues the sun was spreading.
Thought, you were waving,
As I came near and near,
You went away, still waving.

Like a mirage, I chased,
You disobeyed, like a brat.

Sun stop there for a minute,
The journey let me finish.
Enough walking, oh dear,
Stop there once for all.

A sweet trap, you’re not,
Darling, why don’t you stop?
Weariness, lassitude, touch
Still you smile so much.

The sun is on the other hill,
Continuing, a waste, I think.


Oh, dear dearest seeker,
This is life, for success baiter.
Only walking, walking, not stopping.
A step is just a step near,
Walk ahead, catch me,
Walk along not flinch.

See, I’m right in front smiling.
Sashay along,
Stop a bit,
Grab my smile,
Let’s walk for a mile.

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