Friday, 30 March 2012


When you were with me,
we would smile,
we would play,
we would sway.
Complain about anything
quarrel about anything.
That's being together
and near
under the same room
and basing in the same sun ray.

But as you are away,
I reminisce those moments
of playing in life's clay.
Of loving and out of love
braying and beating.

Miss those kids roaming around,
making rauckus and lovely sound,
hijacking loneliness and
twisting ears, and
checking wallet's pound.

Oh, why do you go away,
Wish I was with your
trail and sway.

On this lovely night,
as wind blows,
fragrance twirls
I've no one to fight
but loneliness and
loneliness, that kills.

Oh time, tick faster,
bridge the time of separation'
and union
I wanna kiss my kids
and hug my darling
the sooner the better.

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