Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Holi and colourful union

As the chilling winter retires,
To an agreed recess of time,
Spring blooms with chirps,
As flowers swing and bees glide.

He readies his colour gun,
As vermilion of dhak decks the horizon.
She too readies for delightful sway,
Waits for the mesmerising flute to play.

The smoky milky-way, she looks towards
As the moon whispers the smiling stars.
As if her man would emerge blithe,
With an angel bearing a beautiful wreath.

There in the aromatic Kadamb copse,
Flows love lyrics from his flute,
She smiles humming the symphonies
Tucks a flower to her bun to forget agonies.

Waits for the Holi to sprinkle hues,
He creeps, splash hues and coos.
She looks into his eyes, so does he,
Picking a handful of ‘gulal’ splashes she.

As colours spread divine romance,
And zephyr spells sweet séance.
There the love finds a destination,
In the colours of Holi and colourful union.  

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