Thursday, 16 February 2012

Your Aroma in the Morning

When I woke up in the early morning,
Got your fragrance around sneaking.
Searched you but of no avail,
 Felt myself shrouding me in a known veil.

A separation Morning and your aroma,
Drives me to mad,
I was only reclined to the bed,
Along with the crowing and cawing,
That signalled dawn’s coming.

Heard your dulcet voice,
In the sol of cuckoo.
Felt your deep embrace,
And then I got up.

The sun was up with its scatter,
So also the activities around.
Searched you in mind,
No you were no where found.

Again I came back to the bed
Pinching everywhere.
Still then why should I bare outside?
Just pulled a bed spread,
Face on pillow, slept outside down.

When your memory can snatch sleep,
Your aroma can break,
Then why can’t you come back,
And hug me tight.

Let’s not fight who loves much,
On the spilt milk or time gone.
Here I spread my hand,
Pick up and do come,
Climbing the ladder of love.

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