Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Thanks for being with him

On that scorching afternoon,
I’d no knowledge, my Lord,
You were with him,
Behind him,
Frolicking with his
Flying dreams.

You knew about the ticking time,
About the swirling wind.
The distance bridged slowly,
Between good and bad time.
And when he crossed the road,
Calamity just banged on him.

Thanks Lord, you were with him,
As he got up and said,
“Papa, happened nothing.”
Oh Lord, what a collision!
Nothing happened,
Only a stretch of time
Without any scratch passed.

You were with him for hours,
When he was nervous,
Withdrawn and frightened
And inside a safe cocoon.

We again crossed the road,
Fear was there broad.
But at the next hour,
He smiled and frolicked,
Mimicked actions
Of Spiderman and
Favorite characters of
Cartoon films.

God you’re great
Great is your presence.
I saw you in his smile,
On the road,
In the sad time.

Thanks Lord,
Thanks once again.
He is with us
Once again.
Defeating death
Smiling with us
Once again.

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