Monday, 20 February 2012


As a train chugs and stops
I am running and stopping thus
Train has got its destination
and stopping stations.
But I have got none.

Only some dreams that keeps me going
The life blood of my life's journey.
Have got hope as rope
To reach to the slope
To live with dreams
Dance and beam.

With dreams I walk ahead
Some good and some bad.

With my dreams home in mind
Hope in heart that eggs and bind.

I walk on...sometimes run
Slowly and briskly along

Walk walk and walk
That is life some talk.

Here I am walking without any rest
I don't know what is good for me or best.

The train reaches its destination
I am tardy slowly moving on.

Let me see where my dreams take
Provides joy or put life at stake.

But I am moving as if for that I am,
Standing at twilight with a palm-full of gems.


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