Wednesday, 8 February 2012


The newly wed girl conquered hearts,
Sowed seeds of love, becoming a part.
Wearing a veil long, goes out to the pond,
With sister-in-law and shyness for a new bond.

Amidst chattering, joking and smiling,
Tells her in-law, you’re so sweet darling,
Wish a prince takes you to a land sparkling.
In-law smiles and says, friend oh dear. 
So good you’re, now I’m not gonna tie knot.
They enter the ghat as in-law introduces her to all.

Revering all, receiving blessing, she enters into pool.
Standing waist deep, she raises a water palm-full.
Faces the east and looks to the resplendent sun,
Oh sun, bright you’re…so beautiful in the morn.
Bless my love and be a bindi on my forehead.
So that I’ll die with love, my head on his lap.

Pours she water from palm, seven times.
Drinks a thimble and rubs a drop on parting.
There she sees a lotus blossomed and chuckles.
Lotus, the lover of sun, dies your love never.
Bless me a chunk of your true love.
So that I will die with love in my copse.
Spread your soft fragrance in my nouveau life.
Our love will prosper and be bright.
Looking to the sun and blossomed lotus
She closes her eyes and mumbles.

On the plant of Tulsi she pours some water.
Smiles she, to her lips taking a thimble.

Eyes her in-law standing beside, the Tulsi temple.
Oh friend, thanks, you introduce me with all.
Now show me your grassless ways and wind.
After all, I’ll live your life after your wedding.  

Walking back, she looks back to the pond,
Banyan tree and gravelly way going along.
Veil as usual long, reached home with smile.
Enters she to the worship niche and prays.
‘Mother Laxmi don’t make me proud,
Pamper not me, always be with me.’
And she lits a wick, lights two incense sticks.
Offering a Marigold to the deity ,she curtsies.

Oh wick, do light my life and nascent love.
Oh deity, leave my husband’s house never.

Dips she her fingers into vermillion
Touches her parting, rubs her bangles.
By and by, she becomes a part of the village,
The edifice of love and beautiful house day by day.

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