Friday, 10 February 2012

Since she said I love You

I feel like flying cotton shreds,
Flying always without weariness,
In Love where is Weariness,
I saw the fleeing of loneliness,
Since she said 'I love you' then.

Here I fly up, Up and up.
Till the mountain top.
Wanna bathe in the ambrosia lagoon,
Come out from the loneliness cocoon.

Love, where were you, dear?
I longed for you, called you near,
But you fizzled like air from baloon,
leaving me withered, inside a cocoon.

But thanks, you returned once again,
And here I board my love train.
Promise, you'll not desert again,
Because, I cann't bear more separation.

Since she said, "I love you' again,
I'm but a, but a luckiest man.

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