Thursday, 2 February 2012

Can Love Happen twice? : Reader perspective

Love…..just definition beyond has the power to turn anything to anything. It can blossom lips all of a sudden, can conquer morose mind, eyes and even it has the power to give an impetus to live again to a dying man. Such is love and its scope. 

But….but…oh God why this ‘But’ in Love? Lol. Sadly this ‘But’ (which I always want to butt) always comes on its own to ruin the beautiful edifices of Love. But Love Is love just like the Pole star….it depends on the lovers to make their love flowing like spring or running towards a speeding vehicle on the road. When expectations and fancy enters into the arena of true love, it just lets loose a gale to shatter and devastate anything, as if a Tsunami is let loose on the hearts.

The love story of Ravin and Simr is such a story when they loved each others truly, sincerely and honestly. Can Love Happen Twice? Is a beautiful creation of words that describes the cruising love banging on the wall when reality bangs on the foundation, thereby shaking it like a quake of high magnitude.

The emotions and love described are lively and Ravinder has a point there. Full marks to this artist of words. 

The writing style is simple, down to earth….straight forward, devoid of metaphor or similes and I think this is one of the brilliant points of the novel. The pace is perfect…though at time seems to be racy. 

Interestingly, I bought a copy and found some pages missing and at that time I was at page 25. I bought it again just to finish. 

This is truly an attempt to fill the romance wave of Indian English literature and Ravinder has not let down his readers. Kudos and encomiums to him.  A suitable novel for young adult readers that has been added to the reading map of Indian English literature. 

I would recommend it highly. People of higher literary reading might not find it that brilliant but that’s not a deterring factor for it. 

Sex is there, though sex is absent! And I love this novel for this reason, that did not exploit the oomph unnecessarily. 

Go grab a copy. 



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