Thursday, 22 September 2011

I love You


Fragrance makes mood, soon.
Bud blossoms and flower becomes.
But not all smile as flowers,
Still, can there be a bouquet sans them?  


Think relaxation, sleep overpowers,
So does dream…to provide joy shower.
Not every dream kisses reality,
Anything wrong with it? 


Sea is there, shore is bare.
So does ripple to wash.
Sadly not all reach the bank,
Can there be wave without them?


Cloud pours down as showers,
Gives life and joy to farmers,
Not all patches bear water,
But without it, can there be shower?


You’re there…with smile and voice dulcet.
To ruffle hair, bare and to care heart,
So love is there, as you do share. 

Not all love reach to the conclusion,
Solely for this…how can I not love you?
I love you, love you and love you for life long.

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