Monday, 15 August 2011

Have a Nice Weekend: A review

If the edifice of marriage is to withstand the trials and ravages of time, it demands much more attention or dedication from both the husband and the wife. 

Freedom does not mean, one is free and other is not. Rights always come with a corresponding duty. Marriage demands silence, gloss over, love, care, eulogy of bodies, and many more things. 

On the strands of compromise, tolerance, mutual understanding, feeling and accommodation, the foundation of the edifice is laid and gains strength to strength. The garden always needs watering of deep care and love. 

It’s a different matter who’ll accommodate whom and on what order. The wife or husband or both should think on this, talk about this. And keenness to accommodate must be like ‘me before’. 

Recently I’ve read two fabulous novels by two Night Reading authors. The first one Simon’s Choice by Charlotte Castle and latest one, Have a Happy Weekend by Ian Ellis. Both writers have depicted the relationship on different settings, but the result is the same: DIVORCE. 

The writing is superbly meticulous and vivid. The minute details of life and the observations are easy to relate and on this count, I’ve only praise for Ian Ellis. 

The flow of thoughts strikes. It swings in a format of present-past-present and the writer has deftly maintained the balance. Dialogues are tight, not mechanic or robotic. 

The manner he’s shown Wills is praise-worthy. Wills needs sheer sympathy and this is but a successful characterization. The writer has not shown the bitching of Andy, the wife of Wills but through Wills the writer has tried to portray Ego that led to the writing of Ode to life. 

Why divorce happens, the book shows vividly and it’s obvious the opposite should done to avoid the unhappy ending.

Ian, full marks to you. I’ll look forward to another social saga. This is my type of theme and I’m completely a fan of your flow and observation. 


Have a Nice Weekend: 

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