Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Simon's Choice, A must read

“Papa…with whom I’ll stay in the heaven? Does it hurt dying, papa?” asks a dying seven years old daughter Sarah to her father Simon.

Can a father answer these questions? Can he wait for death of his lovely Sarah? Can he love his wife Mellissa? Can the 12 years of marriage withstand the gradual tilt of attention away from the wife? 

Want answers to these questions…read Simon’s Choice: a brilliant novel of difference, away from genre. This book has everything, love, hatred, passion, simplicity, innocence, sympathy…and above all an urge to move ahead…to come to term with time and situation. 

When Simon thinks a bit differently, talks less, becomes different or mad as his wife describes. As the news of certain death of Sarah echoes in their ears, pronounced by a merciless and honest doctor, Simon though being a doctor himself breaks down. The piece of news dents into their happy married life. In place of love towards Melissa, Simon loves brandy, beer and whisky. He frequents pubs and slowly the husband part from the wife. 

A note written by the wife shatters the triangle of Sarah, Simon and Melissa. They pulled and pushed away their life.When death looms large, can eyes maintain serenity? Yes they float in the bay of tears of separation. 

Charlotte Castle the writer has done justice to the theme and bravely wrote a novel full of arts and architecture, mansion and palaces that fell apart…thanks to a slow but steady gale of death. 

This is completely a different story and I rued putting it in my shelf for one month, after reading the first chapter. But…when I started, just finished it…just finished it. 

This will be etched to my memory for long and I wish no one went through these trials and travails or tribulations of life. 

The writing flows like falling beads from fist on a mound of cotton…no sound, no impression, that urges, that pulls, that attracts and that relates. And that etches, urges to brood. 

Recommended. *****

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