Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Decisions By Jessica L Degarmo

How far business and political clout can stretch? Can it override happiness and wishes of kids? Will kids accept decisions taken by their parents without any prior consultations? Is a legal contract signed by parents binding on the kids?

DECISIONS by Jessica L Degarmo is a story of a girl Emma who finds it difficult to marry Gary. Gary’s father Robert wants to earn and get permission to explore gas in Pennsylvania State though he belongs to Texas. He fears local backlash and opposition. Hence, Robert signs a contract with Senator Schooner, father of Emma. Business and marriage are two different things but when they merge without consent, it brings wanton worries. This is compromise of life.

Gary leaves his love Diene but Emma fails to reconcile with the one sided decision of her father. The engagement completes under duress. Consent is gagged. She is not agreed to the union and her mother helps her to flee to North Carolina. So Emma becomes Alexie.

She does not know what is stored in the embryo of future and was uncertain about that but Carolina presents her with a bouquet of hopes, optimisms, and an urge to live. She discovers a dashing young boy Reese. Oh, she gets a way. She decides to use Reese to scuttle the forced marriage and a new cycle begins. She wants to use but loses her heart. Oh, love always happens as time passes. She weaves dreams and collects a bouquet. They plan marriage, go shopping and Emma oh Alexie becomes a part of the family. But…but this is not as happy as it seems to be. Gary emerges in the scene like a black patch of cloud to block the sunshine falling on the life of Emma and Reese. Gary forcibly takes away Emma from Reese on the marriage day. There ended a delicious dream of a delectable future.

In Pennsylvania awaits her father to force the marriage again. And also await hatred, anger and kicks. She marries Gary for the sake of business and political clout. Victimization indeed…..

Isn’t this interesting? The writing flows naturally. The novel has all ingredients of a fabulous middle grade (cross over) ChikLit Romance. This is easy reading about love, betrayal, passion and flying mind of a girl of 22 years. There are oodles of bubbles and –
You’ll love Decisions and of course the writing of Jessica L Digarmo. As far as churning of words and making wreaths out of them is concerned, she is just brilliant. She has proved in her earlier books, How to Meet a Guy in the Super Market and Hooking Up.

What a stunning cover! Have a look. Oh come on, I mean the book. Lol.

Kindle edition: Decisions

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