Friday, 24 June 2011

Shasta Summer as I read

Sentences are like small beads of pearls, they slip like fine satin. The character Summer a 9 years old girl is beautifully portrayed as the writer has succinctly described both her mind and outlook. She comes to live with her aunt May and meets her talking cat, Snoopy or Merlin. It’s spell of music. The story is enchanting as well as captivating. Summer and May in Shasta are a treat to read and grasp. It draws readers into it. 

This is a fascinating story of magical spell and fantasy. Though I’ve downloaded it, I was yet to have a look. Day before yesterday, I casually opened it in the kindle of my cell phone and straightway I read the first three chapters. Succinct and full of fantasy, I’ve finished 15 percent. I’ll finish it soon, so a full review after I that. 

This is a part of Trilogy called Shasta and Erasmus and full credit to the imagination of Teresa Geering. This is fine reading for children.


  1. Oh Sudama what a surprise I had no idea you had done this thank you.
    Right then back to Night to blow the horn
    Tee x

  2. Thanks Tee for the comment. The purchasing time has come and all bookmarked books will be purchased soon.


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