Sunday, 5 June 2011

Never Ever Say Yes

Those who are connected to me in Facebook know I’ve finished the second round of editing of my fourth manuscript, The Bohai Merges with the Bay of Bengal. A pall of frustration was setting in but every cloud has its day, goes the saying. The cloud has subsided or suppressed and I’m away from my current manuscript for one month. 

Kudos to some writer friends who responded favourably to my call and agreed to beta read my manuscript. Writers happen to be always busy in reading, writing or editing or thinking and I was not in favour of asking anyone about any kind of help. This is the result of my shyness but then unless the hungry people ask for food, dream would not come to the minds of others to feed them. So, I took a decision to demonstrate my hunger humbly. The demonstration was both baffling and encouraging as well. 

This is for the first time, I shared my manuscript with some writer friends and this is also for the first time, I’m connected to some talented writers in Nightreading. The manuscript was sent in crude form to Tim Roux but he wants to make 26 hours a day or wants to have some more hands and two or three set of minds. Sorry Tim. I rue for my puerile attitude to my writing and sharing something crude in form. Who has got time to go through those nonsense blabbering? Respect and kudos to them who have.

The debate on adjective and adverb is still on as two of my writer friends pointed out the absence in my writing. Some years ago, I used to have a quiver full of those flowery words, but thanks to the internet, blogs of literary agents, views of published writers, simple beauty has replaced the embellished beauty. Of course, views differ and I respect. 

So coming to the title... yes that is the title of my next novel, slated to come to my computer soon. Various strands of thoughts, bits and pieces have been scrambling frantically to unite and to make another novel, a social saga about culture, marriage, relationship and many things. 

The Bohai merges with the Bay of Bengal, I don’t know what fate waits for it but it is good it has ended with good notes. This is better than the third and the journey from good to better is a memorable one. 

So finger crossed for some good days ahead. Once again thanks to the writers, who indirectly provided the impetus to go ahead. 

You can find me in Facebook and twitter if you want to join me. No, I’m not different from you; I’ve got only two hands, a head (Full of nonsense things) and a heart. Up to you to join me or not. Thanks.
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