Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dolphins at last

 (This is a random story first started by me in a Facebook group and suitably supported and steered by Olivia Well (Steph N-s). Suddenly, I realized it has developed well. I did not realize this reach to this end, but story is so sometimes it ends on its own.) 

The wind lashed. Regina closed her eyes. “Oh it's a gale, should have listened to Robert.” She prayed and the wind lashed with more violently. She clutched a root of a banyan tree and tried to hide. The leaves rustled. She quivered in fear and cowered into herself. In the pitch darkness, she longed for light. The smell of dust suffocated her. She would try to stop breathing but-  

Regina heard a thud and felt a branch falling beside her. Pressing her bosom she tried to merge into the root. She felt something crawling on her foot as the sudden chillness frightened her.

She felt something slipping as satin through her toes. Shivering bodily she carefully withdrew her foot, and reached up into the tree, pulling her up onto a high branch, where she could snuggle herself deep into a recess in the trunk. The sounds surrounding her seemed to lessen, the skies disappeared, and as she closed her eyes, her own magical world of fantasy, of non worldliness enveloped her.
A Eucalyptus tree would touch the roof. Death loomed large. A pall of darkness and panic covered Robert. He felt the wind trying to open the panes of the front window. Rain whipped against the wall and the panes. The two skylights were like two guns firing rain continuously into the room as if he was at war. Suddenly, a glass pane became a victim of the violence. He ran towards the window for what he had no knowledge. A shard of glass pierced his one of his foot. “Ah,” he screamed and touched the blood. The wind shot him to the wall and he came down with a thud as suzerainty of lashing wind spread inside the room.
The utensil stand banged onto the ground and the wind played soccer with the plastic containers inside the kitchen. The wall mounted television set became another victim of the voracious wind. It would bang on wooden sill. 

He slept on the floor of smithereens of glasses and water. The carpet gave in as the wind wrapped. It rolled and gathered towards the wall. Robert was inside a coffin of carpet and water. He left everything to Jesus. He always comes to mind when crisis strikes, solace or no solace, different matter. 

The wind broke the wooden sill just above where he slept and everything came to a standstill. The wind stopped, perhaps Jesus intervened. 

Silence....a deathly quietness....in their joint dreamy realms Robert and Regina prayed, prayed for live and smile. 

Regina, sensing calmness, uncurled herself from the nook in the tree and climbed down. The moon shone as an opal in the midnight black, sky, she stood stock still, her feet sensing the tiny creatures skittering around rebuilding their lives. One step, two steps down to the shore line. Waves lapped at her toes, a tree trunk slipped by in the silky black water, as if propelled by a hidden hand. Just as she was about to turn away, a slap of water caught her eye, just there...out in the middle of the river. An eyelid winked at her and she stood stock still. Platanista gangetica - the Ganges river dolphin, at last. Her search for this rare creature had come to an end. The dolphin swum closer, and she noticed in its wake a smaller fin - it was a mother and her baby.

Robert unrolled the carpet and looked towards the skylight that allowed devastation into the room, now allowed cool light of the morning sun. Everything was silent as the dance of devastation settled in the womb of time. The trace of the violent storm was gone...only debris of devastation and a rush for reconstruction was left. The floor on which water flowed and smithereens of glass dazzled with the wind caught his eyes. He mopped everything slowly. Suddenly, power supply was resumed. The slightly dark room bathed in cool light.  

Smile all that he responded to the development. He picked up a photo frame and wiped with his palm. The smiling face of Regina struck his eyes. “Regina? God what might be her condition? Oh, she should have paid attention to the warning.” He kept the frame and again looked towards it. 

“No, I should go out and search for her.” he resolved and came out. The devastation was clear but the sun was smiling. There was smiling in the face of people despite devastation. “That is life that smiles. Life and urge to live have never tasted defeat. Destructive forces only try vainly to thwart life. Life triumphs and civilisation progresses,” he thought and headed towards the sea. 

His sole ached. A wet smell mixed in the air rushed into his nostrils. He moved on undeterred by pain as the smiling face of Regina energized him indirectly. He headed towards the Bay of Bengal. Mangroves stood devastated as the green leaves strewn around thickly on the way as if a green carpet greeted him. The sea was calmer than a stone; still life was yet to crawl around. 

Robert walked on towards the coast and saw a boat. “Oh life.” He followed the good omen and cued the boatman to the shore. He asked about the Gangetic Dolphin. When the boatman heard about dolphin he was terribly shocked. Eyes widened, he was speechless. 

“What’s the matter?”
“Sir, I’ve left a lady in the dolphin creek. Before my reaching to her, the Aila storm struck. God knows what might be her position, whether she is alive or-” he paused. 

Robert asked about the appearance of the lady and the boatman described everything. The description matched Regina as if they were solving jigsaw puzzle. Gradually, pieces after pieces revealed a beautiful lady and her smile.
“She was Regina, let’s go and search her,” Robert requested.

They went into the sea and slowly the boat entered into a calm and muddy creek. Robert saw some movements on the water. Small heads bobbed up on the water and he heard a squeaking sound. 

“What are these?”
“They are dolphins sir.”
“Oh, my...they’re so lovely.”
They saw someone standing on the bank of the creek taking snaps of the little creatures.
“There, there,” Robert cried.
The boat stopped as the boatman alighted and pulled the boat towards a narrow strip. It thrust into mud. He attached a raft to the shore from the bar of the boat for Robert to alight.
Regina was as usual busy taking snaps. Robert recognized him and called. “Regina!”
They ran towards each other and embraced while the boatman looked at them. “Regina, baby...Love you.” He kissed frantically. “Thank God.” He looked upward.
“Yes...He was the saviour when the Aila swept the Mangrove and the sea. Oh, the sea was a violent monster. But...here I’m with my lovely dolphins and lovable Robert.” She kissed him back. “Love you Rob.”

A group of dolphins bobbed up and splashed water onto them. They looked towards them and smiled. The sun smiled and the boat danced on the calm water.


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