Monday, 13 June 2011

Blindsided: A review

Lee discovers the monster of infidelity giggling with her husband Andy. She sees her edifice of love falling apart, brick by brick. Suddenly, it crumples on the ground on which it is raised carefully. The garden losses blooms and becomes a patch of thorny bushes.  Lee sees another girl Trish inside the sweet grip of Andy and she begins to slip. Trust shatters, love losses meaning and two hearts loss the code to unlock each other. 

Andy tries to show his love but Lee would not believe. The virus of distrust enters into the mind of Lee and she unearths more evident. She discovers mails and call records with another girl Kate. Unbearable she sees the end of the world. 

She tries to save the marriage but the distrust but proves of infidelity defy patch up. Andy commits suicide and Lee finds himself in a land of vacuum. Vacuity and lack of love dents her mind and she does for against she fights. Temporarily, she commits with a doctor. 

The emotional rupture of Lee is vividly and clearly portrayed. Each chapter continues the idea of the previous chapter brilliantly leaving no gap or hole in the story. 

Infidelity is a cliche concept but Gemma Rice has portrayed the same with brilliant uniqueness. Many writers have portrayed this age old theme but this writer is brilliant in her portrayal. The writing style is unique. The easy flow of sequences makes reading easy. This is easy to relate and above all a fine reading.
With fewer characters the writer has weaved a beautiful story. Apart from Blindsided the writer has other titles, how about having a search in Google? 

Would you like to some memorable quotes from the novel? I know you would like to read. So here I go.

Young blood is tastier, eager and forbidden.
I unclip my bra, letting it fall like one more discarded woman.
Even you’re prepared to annihilate me, you do it with eloquence.
“And just watch him when he’s playing that guitar. It may as well be a naked woman under his fingers. There is confidence there. Women wait half their lives to develop that kind of confidence.”
Warm lips defrost very cold nipples.
Buts, your butt is the only but allowed.
Nothing lasts, everything beautiful dies.
Andy has shut me so effectively; getting to know him again will force me to be a burglar. The code on the safe around his heart has changed, and I no longer have the password.
If you want to receive it, you have to give it.
Love is unconditional. Love soothes, caresses, blesses…
Love says, this is me, accept me or you can’t love me.
Your lyrics have been a raft on turbulent seas for me recently.
It gets boring seeing the same set over and over. She didn’t come tonight.
“I love you, I fucking love you so much it hurts.”
“I feel you in my soul, Andy. You live inside me even when we’re apart.
My eyes need a plumber because they've got a leak again. 

Have you read this? Go for it now. Recommended. 

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