Monday, 30 May 2011

Synopsis: The Bohai merges with the Bay Of Bengal

Thanks to the wave of globalisation, markets open, investment scatters to different parts of the world. The investment opportunities create jobs as commerce rules. Foreign policies and sovereignty are compromised solely for economics. In this scenario, Chinese capital and Chinese national come to India. Beijing Power gets a tender to build a captive power plant for Varun Alumina in the state of Odisha. Jia and other Chinese people come to India to work in the power plant.

Jia wants to travel to Kolkata and fly to China. She is happy thinking of meeting with her mother after six months. She waits with other Chinese people outside Jharsuguda railway station.

She hears a noise and sees a long queue. Out of curiosity, she walks towards the head of the line. At that time a powerful blast rips apart the crowd and it wounds her severely.

Jivan working in the Varun Alumina walks to the railway station and into the stampede that follows after the blast. Kailash the Manager of Varun Alumina comes with an ambulance. All injured people are taken to the District headquarters hospital.

A team of doctors refer the case of Jia to a big hospital. She recovers but the condition of Jivan deteriorates. Doctors refer him to the same hospital. Jivan stays with Jia in a cabin. Proximity ends in love. When they leave the hospital after one month, the love is solid.

Jia leaves for Beijing but a Chinese boy Wan threatens Jivan to forget her. He cares little and when Jia returns, the love starts afresh. Wan colludes. Jia faces boycott of the Chinese community. Wan hires some local goons to attack Jivan. A wave of sympathy generates for Jivan. Police arrests Wan. Beijing Power suspends him. He leaves for China.

Jia and Jivan enjoy love but that happiness proves to be short-lived. Liu Xiaobo gets Nobel peace prize. India demands the release of the human right activist from jail. China feels the pressure.

Fissure starts in the Indo-China relation. The issue of Stapled Visa complicates the matter. In China people protest to release Xiabao while Taiwan once again demands independence. India supports the cause and tries to table a resolution in the General Assembly of UN to condemn China and pressure to grant independence to Taiwan.

This is enough. China severs ties with India. It asks all Chinese people, companies and capital to return. The exodus from both sides begins. Bejing Power closes its unit in Jharsuguda asks all its workers to return to China.

Jia and Jivan become unhappy, but she does not leave India despite expiry of her visa. Both flee to Kolkata and stay in Jivan’s home. Jia’s mother contacted the foreign ministry official in Beijing and asked to track Jia. Chinese embassy in Malaysia contacts the Indian embassy and requests to track the girl. The union Home Ministry issues a search warrant for Jia.

The Kolkata police search for Jivan and Jia and one day arrests them. She is sent to Beijing and he faces trial. They separate brutally and long for reunion. When the US mediates a peace process, the situation between India and China improves and they sign peace. Jivan goes to Beijing and love unites.

The Bohai Merges with the Bay of Bengal is a story of two lovers of different countries. It details their trials and hankering for love. It details the Indo China relation from the perspective of lovers.


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