Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Bringer, By Samantha Towle as I read

Three or four days ago I downloaded the kindle version of The Bringer written by Samantha Towle and published under the aegis of Night Publishing.  Now I’ve been busy editing my own manuscript and reading the fantastic novel.  The Concept is new as a void, a Bringer named Lucyna falls in love much against her nature with James only to keep her word given to Max father of James while taking his soul to the Heaven.  

Samantha has beautifully brought out the dichotomous feeling in Lucyna’s tumultuous mind and her love for James.  I’ve finished chapter 3 of the novel, so at present can’t say exactly what it stores, but don’t they say the morning shows the day. Lol. If this is an indication some more fantastic writing will be out from the writer’s intellectual mind.  At present I must say, it’s a pretty good story with flavor of something new, something thrilling, something sweetly agonizing and something striking.  If I use some more adjectives, then also the things will not be that clear. Oh, adjectives, you’re so lacking.  No, I would not make a new word.  Lol. 

Go for it and wait for a great review from me.  I read slowly as I have other things to do and the review may not come soon. Further the novel has more than 81 thousands words.  So wait for my review.  In the meanwhile, you can follow me in Facebook to know more about the novel. 

Oh, you can read my guest post on the Goddess Saraswati here. Thanks.

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