Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Bringer: A review

‘I begin to trace my finger over the wet sand. It disappears and emerges, in and out, with my movement, making no indentation at all on the sand itself.’

She works as usual taking soul to the heaven. She is happy being a Bringer but when everything happens to be fine, something comes in between to snatch the fineness.  Yes, she also faces the gale. She stands in the hospital and talks with his latest bring, Max.  Max asks her name and there she gets a name, Lucyna.

Max shows his son James and asks her to look after.  From there starts an agonizing love story. The Bringer by Samantha Towle is a love story with a difference.  Sometimes, it seems a love triangle, sometimes it is not so.  Oh, a maze of love!

Lucyna being formless would come to James house.  She would look at him and leave.  Gradually, she feels the pull.  She stands in from of a car burning car and waits for her next bring, James.  When she sees James, she is surprised.  ‘I love him and would take him to the heaven? No.  What’ll Max say, what will happen to my words?’ And she prays to save him.  As she prays, she gains a human body and saves James from death.  

James comes to know about her homelessness. Both returns to his home and love develops gradually.  She wants to reveal herself but can not.  Sara comes in between James and Lucyna but James proclaims his love towards Lucyna.  The triangle losses a hand and it is James with Luce. Yes, James calls her so. Wait, the triangle only temporarily loses a hand, but another hand hangs.  That’s suspense though.  Lol.  

She losses her human form as Arlo, an angel reveals her past.  Arran, she loved him and knows Arran is inside James body.  She wants to return to James and her human form.  But….Oh, this is a maze but once you decide to make the journey, you’ll love it.  

The Bringer can’t be summarized in a review and I’d like you to go for it.  Grab a copy and read. Samantha has written in an easy style and I love the easy flow of words and purport.    A beautiful love story with pathos and passion, tears and smile and agony, won’t you like those?  Human life is so, filled with these qualities.  It is agony that brings out the happiness and the ending of the novel would not let you down. 

Five stars to Samantha and The Bringer. 


  1. Well, you're obviously very enamoured of the book mate ;-)
    Great review Sudam, you're so ambitious in your English, it really is inspirational; I don't think I could write a review like you have done here in German and I live in Germany!!!

  2. Reggie, you encouraged me from thinking otherwise. I don't know why, when i feel low, you blow. Thanks friend for the comment.


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