Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Blindsided, as i read

I casually downloaded Blindsided and yesterday started reading the book in my android phone. (Earlier in smart phone Kindle was not available) I’ve finished 15 percent, oh not pages, thanks to kindle it is so. Lol. Some days ago I was with Samantha Towle in between Heaven and earth, Bondi beach Australia, London. Now with Gemma Rice totally in the earth, this is coming down gracefully. May seems to be a month of love and agony thanks to two night reading writers Gemma Rice and Samantha Towle.  

‘Young blood is tastier eager and forbidden.’

‘Even when you’re prepared to annihilate me, you do it with eloquence.’

Leanne comes back from an excruciating trip and finds her lover Andy with another girl Trish. The writing flows naturally and the style appeals me in a great way. Gemma Rice has presented a cliche theme in a beautiful and easy way. The candidness is obvious as far as sex is concerned.  

“I unclip my bra, letting it fall like one more discarded woman.” Oh this is fabulous reading. Sex let loose, cautious I’m to give a judgement before fully reading. Better wait for some days till I finish and write a review.


  1. oooh! what a lovely surprise. Thank you Sudama :)

  2. Thanks for following my blog. Blinded!


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