Saturday, 19 March 2011

Empty Chairs: A review

The blogger with Empty Chairs
Can an eleven years girl live in the street without the basic necessities water, shelter and food? And even without safety or asylum of near and dear ones? Can she live roam around brothel without the blessing of the pimps and their gangs, And this also without the knowledge of the outside world and the street? This is impossible in the sixties.  

But she survived; yes she survived the vagaries of time, the enticing view of the people. What win in the end is survival and the urge to move on, the urge to live. The resilience and courage she showed and survived is praise worthy. This is a sordid and successful story of survival. 

Empty Chairs, by Stacey Danson is but a chronicle of struggles and survival. It is not a story but a successful struggle of an eleven year girl known as Sassy girl. It’s a struggle against the rapacious mentality of people who exploits children for their monstrous mentality. 

She saw the world, learnt about people and everything through television programmes and when she came to the street, it was new experience, as she breathed free air. She celebrated her freedom and struggled to live on her own. 

I read the book faster; sometime felt agitated, sometime sobbed and finally praised the girl. Fifty pages were left and every one was asleep in the train. I was awake reading Empty Chairs in the dim light and in odd position. 

The biographical endeavour is praiseworthy and the courage to write the truth is extolling. If you love struggle and survival, go and read this book. It will create an upheaval in your mind and the book will take you to a callous journey. 

The survival after tragedies, the smile after dejection, the sunshine after a bad night and the journey through dark night till the cool sunshine makes this book a unique one. 



  1. Great review - yes, it is a quick, and shocking read

  2. @KJ

    Thanks for the comment. It was a quick read but a callous journey forward. Each page has tear, struggle and an urge to move on. The urge is praise worthy.


  3. Sudam, thank you from the heart.

    I am touched by your review.

    Soooz...aka Stacey Danson.

  4. I adore this book and the woman even more so. Very good choice for review and I am just stunned no big name publishers have snapped her up yet.

  5. Nice review Sudama, it's a top read and no mistake, well it must be good because I read it off my computer which is something I hate doing, lol.
    Wel done mate.


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