Saturday, 29 January 2011

You've Gone Too Far this time Sir

“I want to cycle around the world and raise money.” 

Do you have a dream? Have you ever set out on a world tour? Danny has a dream and he sets out on a world tour on a cycle. Doesn’t it sound like the Tour De France? Yes it is Tour De World. Ah the cycle has a name too: Shirley. Isn’t that sexy? 

From London, through France, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, he enters into Ukrain. Through the Central Asian countries and Russia he roams in the Swat Valley: The Switzerland of the East. Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, he moves on. 

At Wagah border he enters into the Indian Territory. Amritsar, Dalhousie, Agra through Rajasthan, Gujarat, Mumbai, Goa, and Karnataka he reaches Mysore and the Vidyadaya school Gudalur. When one thinks of this one thrills and Danny made this. Bravo!  

The silver from India and the Ruby from Pakistan a peace symbol suitably expresses the idea. The two countries are so near from the same womb but divided.  

Danny has a love affair with Shirley and his passion to reach Chembakolli. This journey comes out as a book entitled, ‘You have gone too far sir’. This is a splendid adventure story; you will love it. The tour is arduous, eventful, thrilling and full of fun. Danny deserves a trophy. 

The language is both appealing and sexy too. ‘Nisa had enough energy to power an Indian city. The monks travelled like a river of blood, The scar is yet to heal and blood weeps from the wound. Like an accident waiting to happen. Rapped in cotton wool, A child ripped from its mother’s bosom and left in the heat of Savanna. Dark pools in her eyes that made you feel as though you could dive right in.  

The language has subtle elements of beauty and the writer has used unique similes and metaphors. The poetry is evident. Brutally cut into two by Britain. Shrouded in Burka of beauty.

Through his travel details he has highlighted some Indian problems in right way: The child labour, the traffic problem in high way, the cow marching on road, the looting mentality of the authority to charge high entry fees from foreigners. The details mesmerise and the way it ends in Gudalur, Chembakolli, is the real thrill.  

The dream materialises and the pilgrimage ends.    Bravo Danny. 

‘Splendid story telling, you will not only savour but read it. Real adventure on words.’


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