Saturday, 25 December 2010

He is With You

The sea was calm and I rowed happily with my loneliness.  I saw a cover of mist marching to defeat visibility. My boat tumbled for sometime and I bobbed in the sea.  'Was it a shark slap or a violent under current?'  No, everything is right except the marching mist.  My boat travelled, I swam to catch it and prayed Him for my survival.  Ah, this is the boat. My hand caught its bar.  And lo, I was onto the boat.  ‘Thank God.’ I looked upward and sighed.


  1. तेरी खूबसूरती को मैंने जाना तब, जब छूट गई थी नैया तेरी मेरे हाथों से/ और दूर बहाने वाले थे वक्त के थपेडे तुझको मेरी बाहों से/ पर तूने नहीं की बेवफाई/ बस चिढाकर फिर से मेरे पास लौट आई/ पहले से भी ज्‍यादा शिद्दत के साथ/ क्‍योंकि आखिर मैं तुझे प्‍यार करता हूँ ... ऐ जिन्‍दगी !

  2. @Arkjesh Interesting, look how is the picture just urged you to write something. I'm happy to read this beautiful array of words about Him. He has got power that we common men cannot deny or afford to ignore. He is the saviour at the time of distress and saves others while we bask in the sunlight of happiness bestowed by Him.

    Thanks for the comment friend.


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