Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Hungry Tide

‘The Hungry Tide’ as the title of the book suggests, it’s a story of the tide country and its inhabitants, their smile, dreams, worry and survival.  It’s an intense love story, without any romance.  All characters love and live for something.  Pia loves her work and Dolphins; Fokir, Horen love water, Bon Biwi, foliage and cetacean population.  Kusum stands for deprivation, dedication and devotion and Moyna loves her service and hubby.  Nilima loves service..  

Kolkata has got long association with left movement.  The writer Amitabh Ghosh could not but paint his creation in the colour of communism.  Nirmal stands for revolution, Rilke and poetry. 
Kanai loves his work and expertise. 
The book is a romance of different kind.  The flow of character was praiseworthy.  Amitabh Ghosh being from West Bengal was well placed to write such a romance of ripples, gale, death, Nouko, boats, Bhotbhooti and the agony of tide.  

The point of view is flawless and it was a good read.  I went on not in anticipation of clashes of things and lips or kiss or coition but for something inexpressible; a different form of romance and thrill. 
The descriptions of lives in places like Canning, Lusibari, Morichjhapi, Gorjantola , Gosaba, Emilybari were brilliant.  The writer dwelling on Dolphin and its varieties is a result of proper research. 

The Hungry Tide is but a beauty in water, waves and Sundari plants.  “A romance without physical contact.”

Brilliant characterisation, style and presentation. The style of inserting another story gradually and merging the two flawlessly is but work of higher kind.  It mingles and unites like two patches of cloud in the beginning unknown and later mixes like salt in water or water in milk. 
Love it.  Recommended.

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