Thursday, 14 October 2010

Odyssey of Ridhiman Second chapter

In the morning both alighted at Pune.  She desired to go straight to her college, but she wanted him to suggest the next course of action.  He guessed her formality, smiled in mind.
“It’s morning only, let’s go to my room.  We’ll move to your college together after finishing morning ablutions.”
She became quiet and happy, though she didn’t exhibit her happiness.  They boarded a car.  He revealed the destination, the driver started.  After driving sometime, the driver switched on car stereo.  A song pierced ears of all. 
‘Two hearts are uniting, but quietly and silently,
Everyone is noticing, yes everyone is quietly noticing,
Silently and silently.’

The romantic numbers thrilled heart and mind of Ridhima.  Rehman smiled, as the song was apt to their stage of nascent love.  Day was slowly gaining life from night, as the sun popped up from the juncture of sea and mountain. The road that slept for some hours braced to embrace all on its bosom.  As it was morning, there was less traffic on the road; the driver used the spacious road.  One of his legs befriended accelerator pedal.  Without any temporary divorce between pedal and his leg, he moved on.  After thirty minutes drive, they reached to a lonely building. 
A small lonely complex surrounded by a garden of high rising trees.  Ridhima found no movement of people and thought it was an uninhabited apartment.  She also wanted the apartment to be uninhabited, as there was fear of puncture of her sense of shame, if someone finds a boy and a girl inside a room.  In train, she threw such feeling to wind, thinking her friendship with Rehman was only for some hours.  She slipped into a lovely trap, she had not envisaged.  Rehman opened the gate, her thinking process got disrupted, as both entered the room.
“Ridhima, you finish your morning ablutions,” said Rehman and sank into a sofa.
“Do you stay here alone?” Ridhima asked the question nagging her mind for quite sometime. 
“This is an exclusive apartment.  The owner is a distant relative of mine, who never comes to the apartment.”
“Thank god.”  Ridhima heaved a sigh of relief.
“What happened?”
“Oh nothing....” she opened her suitcase and brought out some morning paraphernalia and a pair of dress.  Rehman changed his dress and tried to doctor the room to bring back the nattiness of a bachelor room.  He collected all the scattered papers and books and put them on their respective places.  When he felt satisfied, he entered into kitchen to prepare tea.
Ridhima came out from bathroom.  He eyed her bathed and fresh.  Her U shaped back was fair. She had not put dupatta around her bosom.  When she turned towards Rehman, he saw her fabulous valley.  Draped in a beautiful pair of pink salwar suit, she looked splendid.  Rehman asked to his self, ‘Is it the same girl with whom he travelled?’  He smiled and asked her to sit down.  She sat down and looked around the room to find everything on its proper place.  When she saw his eyes trying to pierce through her bosom, she got up and wrapped a dupatta. She smiled and sat on a sofa.  Scattered papers and books that she had seen sometime ago were nowhere.  She praised his sense of tidiness.  Rehman served her a cup of hot tea, himself holding a cup. 
“Tea, who made, you?” She asked taking a sip. He nodded and smiled.
“Thanks.  It’s tasty like you.”  She smiled but later pressed her lips thinking of her open simile.
“Come on, don’t flatter.”  Rehman smiled.
“It’s not flattery.”
He entered into bathroom.  Ridhima finished her cosmetic session sat on the study table. She picked up a book and flipped pages.  
‘What the hell I am doing here?’  She asked to her self, as a part of her mind was not in favour of her being there.  “but I think it’s only temporary which will end.”
‘Ridhima, you are too innocent.  Think and see your position, isn’t it somewhat slipping into a trap?’ A part of her brain argued. 
“I don’t think so.  I only know it’s temporary.  I rue what happened in the night.”  
“Anyway, end it soon  before your eyes become a stream of tears,” other part of her brain advised.
She rued for her giving in to carnal wish.  ‘Shit, it was my mistake, as I agreed to share one berth and beguiled my father in his presence.’
“Duffer you, now repent, he will not leave you in peace,”
“Let me see.”  She heaved a deep sigh and left everything to time. 
 Rehman came out and saw her casually opening pages of a book.  He smiled in mind, while she adjusted her two parts of brain.  In a trice, she kept the book on the table to avoid eyes of Rehman. 
“Don’t feel awkward, read on.  I’ve special interest in reading scientific books.” He wanted her to feel at home.
“That’s good.  I too love reading scientific books.”
“Well, you can take that, if you want to read.”
“Next time.”  Ridhima wanted to get out of the sweet trap.
Rehman entered into an adjacent room and after sometime came out changing his suits.  He looked sexy, as Ridhima described her in mind. 
“Let’s go,” Rehman suggested and both came out of his room. 
He brought out his bike and both hit the main road.  They finished breakfast at a roadside eatery and rode to the Pune Institute of Aviation Technology. 
He was with her for the next four hours and helped her finishing formalities.  In the afternoon, they had lunch together.  Rehman parted from her. 
‘Oh, God, gone,’ murmured Ridhima. ‘but he’s taken my cell number. Oh, me duffer, could have given a concocted number.  But, he’s seen my college.  Me really stupid.’ She thought and argued with her self.  She analysed minutely, and found her feet slipping into a sweet trap.  She remained undecided about Rehman and left the issue to time: one of the greatest forces known to humankind. 

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