Sunday, 26 September 2010

Odyssey of Rehman: In a nutshell

Ridhima and Rehman share a single berth for the entire 30 hours of train journey to Pune.  They give in to their impulses.  The seed of love that they sow in that journey grows into a tree of love.  They study for three years in Pune and hone their love to perfection.  Then they study for another two years in the US.  After completion of their study NASA picks up and trains them. 
A moving object named Mumymob threatens a collision with the earth.  This generates world wide concern.  The UN calls a conference of scientists in Geneva.  Rehman and Ridhima (Ridhiman) represent the US.
In Geneva the gradual approach to the explosion of the Mumymob put forward by Ridhiman duo receives accolade.  NASA launches an exclusive satellite Mumysat to facilitate exclusive research on the Mumymob.  Apple Company provides dedicated I-phone and I-pad to facilitate text communication in the space. 
NASA launches the Irene series of mission to explode the Mumymob.  Ridhiman duo successfully fit a high powered telescope on the International Space Station. 
They want to marry and return to Jamshedpur, home town.  Their parents oppose their marriage on ground of religious difference.  They boycott their children and Ridhiman duo return to NASA. 
NASA again sends Ridhiman duo to collect ingredient sample of the Mumymob.  They use a missile Alcyone and collect ingredient samples of the object.  They next day they marry in the space and come out to celebrate their formal union.  Out of blue a sand storm named Katrila sweeps away Ridhima.  Rehman goes mad and Irene returns to the earth.  NASA sends him to sanatorium and later sends him back to Jamshedpur.
On the other hand, Ridhima lands on a planet named Euphrosyne.  A fairy named Zemima rescues her.  She names her as Ruzul.  Zemima also mumbles some incantations to allow Ruzul to cope with the environment.  Ridhima gets cut off from her past.
Evander, the prince of Symphony kingdom loves Ruzul.  His father wants to solemnise the marriage of Ruzul and Evander.  Rehman recovers completely.  He reads about the space tragedy and returns to the NASA. 
A priest reveals to the father of Evander about Ruzul and asks the king not to solemnise the marriage.  Evander and Ruzul tours the Eden garden, located in the Kingdom of Bloom.  Prince Deimos the owner of the garden murders Evander and captures Ruzul.
Evander’s father attacks the kingdom of Bloom and murders Deimos.  He rescues Ruzul.  Zemima brings out the I-pad of Ruzul.  Ruzul regains her sense of past. 
NASA launches the final mission under Rehman.  Ridhima opens her I-pad and finds the Wi-Fi hub of the Mumysat.  Rehman reads her latest position in Goggle Map and becomes happy.  He reads a text mail of Ridhima in the NASA server and mails back to Ridhima. 
Zemima and Ridhima fly to the spacecraft using the GPS tracker of her I-pad.  Love unites love and Rehman unites with Ridhima.  Together they explode the Mumymob.  In the earth people celebrated the annihilation of the Mumymob and reunion of Ridhima with Rehman. 

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